United Snowmobile Alliance Advocates for Snowmobiling

26 11 2018

The United Snowmobile Alliance announced the formation their new national organization that will focus its efforts and resources on the needs of the snowmobile community at the local, state and national levels.

National Advocates for Snowmobiling

The United Snowmobile Alliance goals will be accomplished through strong communication and experienced leadership coming from the states involved. Modern business and financial practices, along with transparent accountability, will be the backbone of the group which is built on a ground up foundation. The member states are committed to the success of this organization by their commitment to transparent and professional management of the organization.

United Snowmobile Alliance represents majorirty of snowmobilers

United Snowmobile Alliance Represents Snowmobilers

With well over 100,000 state association members the United Snowmobile Alliance represents the majority of state association member snowmobilers in the United States.

Further Snowmobiling Initiatives

Our purpose will be to utilize a proactive and collaborative approach to support and grow snowmobiling throughout the US and to be a resource to each other and those in a position to further snowmobiling initiatives throughout the world.

United Snowmobile Alliance furthers snowmobile rights

Our strength will be based on a reciprocity of vast knowledge, depth of leadership, internal and external networking, legislative grassroots skills, and building a national alliance that represents all aspects of the snowmobile community.

We invite state snowmobile associations to partner with the USA and actively participate in building a national organization with purpose and a vision. Follow us on Facebook.

Mission statement of the United Snowmobile Alliance


The Mission of the United Snowmobile Alliance is dedication to the preservation and promotion of environmentally responsible organized snowmobiling and the creation of safe and sustainable snowmobiling in the United States.

The objectives of this Alliance shall be:

  • An active national advocate for snowmobiling.
  • To promote the orderly development of all snowmobiling in the United States through the cooperative efforts of the member states.
  • To encourage the safe, courteous, lawful, and responsible use of snowmobiles.
  • To act as a medium for the exchange of information and ideas between the participating State Associations, International Organizations, Government Officials / Agencies and other organizations.
  • To promote the exchange of information and ideas among the members of the Alliance and between this Alliance and other snowmobile organizations of the International Snowmobile Council, the International Snowmobile Manufacturers Association, and any other organization, governmental or private, involved with snowmobiling in any way.
  • To join with and support other organizations concerned with motorized and non-motorized outdoor recreation in the United States and elsewhere.
  • To promote responsible access to public land and forge trust and respect for private landowners who allow access to their land for snowmobiling.

2018-19 NEC Scholarship

12 12 2017

The Northeast Chapter will award (three) $500.00 scholarships to a graduating high school senior who has been accepted at a College, Junior College, or Vocational School or to a College Student who is already enrolled.

Teenage girl on snowmobile

The student or their Parents or Guardian must be already a member in good standing of their State Association for the year.

The three top applications will be notified by the chair of the scholarship board of trustee’s

The Scholarship Trustee’s will review all applications and make its award based upon academic achievement, extracurricular involvement, community service and the quality of the original essay submitted with each application. Financial need is a secondary criteria used in the selection of the winner. Completion of the financial need portion of the application is optional. Students who have provided a complete financial background will be given priority over those whose applications are incomplete when all other considerations are the same.

Please make sure you include attachments 1 through 6 on the application. The essay should be about what snowmobiling means to you, or about snowmobiling in your state (economy, trails, environment) in five hundred (500) words or less.

Application, letter of acceptance at your college you will be attending, transcript of grades at high school or grade record of the college you are already attending, essay and recommendations must be received by your state Associations Scholarship Committee Chair by the states/province deadline as one package.

Late applications will not be considered! Please check with each states/province deadline.

The applications submitted to the board of trustees will be answered by mail after judging.

Download the NEC Scholarship Application Form

2016 Chapter Ride and Spring Meeting

2 01 2016

Northeast Chapter 2016 Ride/ Spring Meeting


The New Hampshire Snowmobile Association (NHSA) will host the 2016 Northeast Chapter Ride and Spring Meeting in Gorham, New Hampshire.

There will be guided rides on Thursday, March 3rd and Friday, March 4th. Presentations and meetings will take place on Saturday, March 5th, with a possible short ride in the afternoon.

Planned presentation topics will be “Online Membership” and “Trail Topics.”

The hotel of choice is the Town & Country Inn and Resort, 2 Main St. (RT. 2) Gorham, NH, 03581. Phone: 603-466-3315.

The Town & Country is located in the beautiful White Mountains of New Hampshire. There is direct trail access from the parking lot, connecting to over 7,400+ miles of large open groomed trails. Snowmobile rentals are also available at the Town & Country. If you need a rental sled, please contact Roger Wright of the NHSA in advance.

Hotel amenities include lounge with pub, indoor heated pool, Jacuzzi/sauna, high speed wireless internet, in room coffee, refrigerators & microwaves.

Reservations can be made by calling 603-466-3315. To receive the special rate, tell Town & Country you are with the NHSA/Northeast Chapter group for the March meeting.

Contact Roger Wright for additional information.

2015 NEC Scholarship

6 02 2014


The Northeast Chapter will award (two) $1000.00 scholarship to a graduating high school senior who has been accepted at a College, Junior College, or Vocational School or to a College Student who is already enrolled. The student’s Parents or Guardians must be already a member in good standing of their State Association for the current year that the application is being submitted.

The two top applications will be notified by the chair of the scholarship board of trustee’s.

The Scholarship Trustee’s will review all applications and make its award based upon academic achievement, extracurricular involvement, community service and the quality of the original essay submitted with each application. Financial need is a secondary criterion used in the selection of the winner.

Details, deadlines and the NEC Scholarship Application form are available at the Scholarship Page.

NE Chapter Announces 2013 Scholarship Program

20 01 2013

The Northeast Chapter will award (two) $1000.00 scholarship to a graduating high school senior who has been accepted at a College, Junior College, or Vocational School or to a College Student who is already enrolled. The student’s Parents or Guardians must be already a member in good standing of their State Association for the year 2012-2013.

Details Here

NE Chapter Ride/Meeting, March 1-3, 2012 Long Lake, NY (Jim Jennings)

15 03 2012


The ride: Talk about catching a break! Last year… Remember last season, snow everywhere-Hal Fleischman and Jim Jennings were riding back from Quebec, who hosted last year’s NEC Ride/Meeting, Jim mentioned to Hal that he would like to have NYSSA host the NEC Ride/Meeting in Long Lake in 2012. At ISC Congress in Calgary the chapter agreed.

The delegates representing the northeastern states and eastern provinces are all experienced riders and look forward to a couple of 150+ miles ride. Ideas for the routes were formulated and it just became a matter of waiting for snow to establish the exact routes. The key word here is waiting and waiting and waiting. Although the trails in the Long Lake area were in good shape, the lakes weren’t well frozen and the Corridor 7 (Railroad Corridor) was not rideable.

As the event neared the lakes finally became well frozen thanks to some subzero temperatures and no snow to insulate the ice. That was still an issue-no snow. Thanks to the weather whenever it did snow this season it was usually followed by an immediate warm up and rain which led to scenes like this one.

While waiting for snow Jim Jennings secured all the permits and permissions including permission from the Towns of Inlet and Webb to ride their permitted trail system. According to the towns of Inlet and Webb: without our trail permits, funding the snowmobile season would be at a huge undertaking. Revenue from the permits allow for all things related to snowmobiling for the towns. It is our hope that those in your group understand how we make the snow season work, why we have a permit system and how important tourism is for both towns and the residents whom live here all year long.

On President’s Day Jim Jennings, Arthur Jennings and Dave Perkins rode from Long Lake to Moose River Plains via Newcomb and Indian Lake. Trails were marginal at best and with no snow and sunny days in the forecast it was starting to look like the NEC Ride would have to be cancelled for the first time. However a surprise snowstorm Thursday Feb 24 and over the weekend left us with great trail conditions. Jim was able to scout out areas to ride, C7 was in good condition, trails in the Town of Webb were good. All the washouts were now frozen and covered with snow. Due to many state land restrictions some of the trails in Long Lake need to be placed on the county and town highways. Thanks to the cooperation from the Long Lake Town Highway who during the course of the season use the town grader to build a ledge adjacent to the road.

Representing the New York State Snowmobile Association were Dominic Jacangelo (Executive Director), Gary Broderick (President), Jim Rolf (Trail Coordinator), Hal Fleischman (NEC Delegate) and Vic Doino (Guest). From New Hampshire Snowmobile Association: Terry Callum (NEC Chair), Craig Mayo (NEC Co-Chair) and Maria Hixson (NEC Delegate). From Vermont Association of Snow Travelers: Jim Hill (President and NEC Secretary/Treasurer) and Pat Poulin (NEC Delegate). From Snowmobile Association of Massachusetts: Dan Gould (President and American Council of Snowmobile Association Vice-President) and Scott Sumner (NEC Delegate). Guides were Jim Jennings and Dave Perkins.

Thursday morning with a few inches of new snow and after a great family style breakfast at the Adirondack Hotel we headed toward Sabattis on C7B, which was in excellent condition, to connect with the Railroad Corridor C7. At that point the decision was made to head south to Old Forge or to head North into St. Lawrence County. We headed north on the well groomed tracks about 12 miles where the tracks cross Mt. Arab Rd, turned left onto the shoulders of the Mt. Arab Rd, hooked up with S79 to C7C. The trails in St. Lawrence County are usually in exceptional condition and today was no different thanks to their fleet of Tuckers’.

The chapter rode the trails to the Cranberry Lake Lodge where we had a great lunch, bought some really good gas (had to be at $4.799/gal). After lunch a group shot was taken in front of one of the Tucker Sno Cats.

After lunch we explored the trails in St. Lawrence County and thanks to a missed intersection we did more exploring than anticipated-but the trails were flat so it didn’t matter. I’m amazed by the number of trails throughout St. Lawrence County that are so well maintained-definitely kudos to the St. Lawrence County Snowmobile Association and their member clubs. Headed back to Long Lake essentially the way we came, logged about 190 miles that day. Although a winter storm (up to 15 inches of white gold) never materialized, at least not in the North Country, we did get back in time to have dinner and hear about the Adirondack Snowmobile Plan from Jim Connolly of the Adirondack Park Agency. The speaker from the Department of Environmental Conservation was unable to appear thanks to the storm south of Long Lake.

Friday morning after breakfast at the Long Lake Diner we hit the trail with the objective of riding in the Old Forge area. We left Long Lake on C8B toward Newcomb where we encountered a bumpier trail than the day before, although the groomer was behind us (timing is everything), we encountered our first problem. One of the sleds developed a short in the ignition system and did require on the trail diagnostics and repair. This incident ate up an hour or so of our ride but that sled did run without any incident the rest of the day.

After crossing into the Newcomb system the trails were freshly groomed until we got to the Indian Lake portion and encountered rougher than expected trails. By then and evenhough it was Friday morning the traffic on the trails was getting heavy. We rode into Indian Lake, temperatures were increasing and trails were getting softer, traffic even heavier and although we did see grooming trails were definitely not optimal. The Indian Lake portion of the Moose River Plains trail C8 was full of rollers thanks to using equipment not large enough for this trail. Again traffic was getting heavier and heavier. We stopped at the Old Barn for lunch. After lunch with warming temperatures the trails had started to turn to slush. We rode to Big Moose Yamaha for fuel and shopping. Although we planned on continuing on to Old Forge the decision was made to head back to Long Lake as Town of Webb Trail #5 was likely mud by then. The trip back was fun as we went back to Long Lake via 7th Lake, 8th Lake, Raquette Lake, Forked Lake and Long Lake. (please only ride on ice if you know the conditions and the area). On the way into Long Lake we stopped at Buttermilk Falls. We did ride 130 miles Friday. Dinner again was at the Adirondack Hotel.

The Northeast Chapter held their meeting Saturday morning, afterwards we all parted ways and most made their trip home in uneventful fashion, well maybe not everyone: (Scott and Dan lost a few axels).

Jim Jennings thanks the Northeast Chapter, New York State Snowmobile Association, Town of Long Lake, Adirondack Hotel, Office of Parks, Recreation and Historical Preservation, Town of Inlet and the Town of Webb for their cooperation and assistance in hosting this annual event. One last word: Hal, keep the track on the snow!

Catherine Dickson, NH’s “Snowmobile Lady”

12 03 2012

ImageCatherine Dickson passed away recently. Catherine was President of the New Hampshire Snowmobile Association from 1973-1975, and entered the Iron Dog Brigade in 1979. She also was inducted into the International Snowmobile Hall of Fame in 1992.

The following biography is from the ISHF:
Catherine was first introduced to snowmobiling in 1964, with a purchase of a Ski-Daddler. Neighbors later were invited to try out the sled on weekends on their fields and wooded roads. Gradually they purchased their own sleds and expanded riding to evenings as well as weekends. The farm became the gathering point.

In 1971, she invited the snowmobile community over for the purpose of forming a club, the New Hampshire Sno-Shakers. The first meeting 70 snowmobilers from 18 towns came, the second meeting had 100 members from 27 towns. Later, she gave the club a 20 year lease at $1.00 to build a 40’x60′ clubhouse and started a “Log Drive” to finance it with contributors’ names engraved on a name plate to be put on the logs with volunteered labor.

In 1972, the clubs joined hands and the New Hampshire Snowmobile Association was formed and she was elected Director representing Merrimack County. She helped form 10 new clubs within the county and was named Secretary to NHSA upon resignation of the Secretary before completion of her term. She was the first woman to be elected president of a state snowmobile association in 1973 and served two terms. NHSA grew from 85 to 115 clubs during her tenure.

Catherine was Editor of NHSA Sno- Traveler from 1973-75, and received the ISIA Journalism Award in 1975, 1976, and 1977, and won honors as the “Best Publication.”

In New Hampshire she is known as the “Snowmobile Lady.” Catherine was instrumental on founding the ISC Northeast Chapter, served on the Governor’s Trail Committee for 6 years, Board of Directors of the NH Easter Seal Society for 6 years, helped found and served as part of the Board of Directors of NH Tourist Council for 10 years, she started being a Snowmobile Safety Instructor in 1977, and is currently instructing, attended every ISC since 1974, and represented snowmobilers on numerous talk shows, TV programs and forums.

She became a member of the Iron Dog Brigade in 1979, served that organization as vice president in 1986, and was a two term president in 1987-1988. At the International Snowmobile Congress in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, on June 7, 1991. Mrs. Dickson was presented with the first George Elsenhuth Award for Distinguished Service to Snowmobiling. She continues to serve the Iron Dog Brigade as a director.

Upon retirement, Catherine and Dick (husband), operated the “Wander Inn Four Seasons” in Pittsburgh, NH. Catering to snowmobilers, it developed from a 3 resort area to a 15 resort area remaining open all year, contributing an average of $3,000 a year for trail maintenance.

2012 NEC Spring Meeting and Ride

12 02 2012

The spring meeting/ride is planned to be in New York February 29 through March 3, 2012 at the Adirondack Hotel in Long Lake 518-624-4700. Jim Jennings and Hal Fleischman from NYSSA made the arrangements. Poor snow conditions may change the agenda, please watch for more information.

Bryant M. Watson, VAST Executive Director Retires

12 02 2012

It’s Been a Great Ride! The Vermont Association of Snow Travelers, Inc. (VAST) wishes to announce that effective Friday, January 27 Bryant M. Watson, VAST Executive Director will retire after more than 20 years of service to VAST.

Bryant says, “As I look back over the 20-years that I have served the association, I have a lot of great and fond memories, memories that I will not soon forget. When I became the Executive Director of VAST, in 1993, budgets were very meager! I am proud of the growth that the association has seen, since that time budgets have increased more than five fold. The trail has not always been a well groomed one, a little bumpy at times, and there have been growing pains along the way that we have all had to endure. It has been my extreme pleasure to work with all of the VAST volunteers that make the Vermont Statewide Snowmobile Trail System (SSTS) the best of the best, unmatched by any. Thank you all for the opportunity that I have had, especially the landowners who so generously and selflessly give their land to make the SSTS a reality. Good luck in the future, and we’ll see you on the Trails!!!”

ISC 2011 June 1-4

11 05 2011

It’s not too late to register! The International Snowmobile Congress (ISC) 2011 is being hosted by the Alberta Snowmobile Association in Calgary, from June 1 – 4, 2011. Delegates from organized snowmobiling around the world gather once a year to discuss common issues and deliver solutions. Held in downtown Calgary at the Hyatt Regency on historic Stephen Avenue, this year’s event will showcase Alberta and the new west. Join us as we come together to make snowmobiling even better!